Modelling & printing a custom camera mount

The waterproof case for my 4k Action Camera doesn’t let me get at the ports and memory card (obviously) and there’s no screw thread in the camera to mount it without it. This meant I needed an accessory to do the job.


A beating heart for my Valentine

February is here already, that means Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

If you’re looking for a project that says “I Love You” to that special someone, I think I have something for you.


Solderless RaspberryPi Header Pins

While you can now buy a RaspberryPi Zero or ZeroW with Header pins pre-soldered, there are still many boards available without them.

Those headerless boards need not gather dust, as you can quickly add headers to them. Even if your solder skills are a bad as mine.


Folding PVC Camera Rig

As I’m short on room in my Tinkerspace, finding a place to put a camera is  a bit of a problem. I’m planning to fix that with an overhead camera rig.



Drawing basic shapes from scratch

Trying my camera rig out by filming the drawing of regular shapes, polygons. re-learning skills I had from junior school, which don’t seem to be taught any more.