18th December 2018

Interlocking Jigsaw Piece Coasters

It’s that most wonderful time of the year and sitting here in the Tinkerspace I realised that I might just have an idea that would help you create a last minute gift.

Using some simple steps you can make these Geometric Jigsaw Piece Coasters.

Each coaster covers an area of 10x10cm, roughly 4 inches square and have an overlap for the locks and keys (did you know the sticky out bits are called keys?) of about 1cm.

I’ve taken the design from the video and transferred it into a downloadable PDF.

To make the set of four coasters, print four identical corner pieces and stick them temporarily to a thin sheet of wood.

I’ve used Tulipwood for all four coasters but you could mix and match them with whatever wood you have. MDF or hardboard is also an option if you plan of giving them a coat of paint.

You’ll see me use the bandsaw and a belt sander for this project but there’s nothing to stop you using handtools to sandpaper to cut finish the pieces.

In the PDF I’ve tweaked the shape of the locks to make them slightly wider and the keys slightly thinner. That will cut down the amount of dredded sanding that you have to do to get them to fit.

Four coasters is a nice number to make a simple set of coasters that can be used in two ways. Separately, they work well for a cup or mug to protect your surfaces. When assembled they make a great trivet, onto which you can set down a pan or serving dish.

If you download the PDF you’ll find that I’ve also included additional shapes that let you mix and match your coasters to create combinations from 2×2 to 3×4 or bigger.

Hope you like this project, be sure to let me know.

… and thanks for stopping by!