3rd March 2018

Modelling & printing a custom camera mount

The waterproof case for my 4k Action Camera doesn’t let me get at the ports and memory card (obviously) and there’s no screw thread in the camera to mount it without it. This meant I needed an accessory to do the job.

I couldn’t find an accessory online for my specific make/brand of action camera, nor could I find a model to put through our 3d printer. So I took and existing one and “tinkerneered” with it.

This was printed using Filamentum Blue PLA sourced from SpannerHands in Caerphilly and printed on our Anet A8

The model is available for download for free here.

The 3d printer is available to buy through this link

Please leave a comment below if you have anything you want to add or ask about his project.