24th October 2020

How to support me.

You can support Tinkerneering in lots of ways.

Firstly, just watching my videos and sharing these projects through Twitter and Facebook helps more than you can imagine.
By visiting here without an adblocker you can also help to fund this site.

Most of the links posted on here are affiliate links, so please use them if you purchase parts for your own projects.
It won’t add to the cost for you but you will be helping me out in commission.

Don’t forget, if you see something you like you can buy something from the Tinkerneering shop on Etsy.

On the other hand, if you’re able to and you’d like to get early access to new projects as a reward, you can Become a Patreon.

Finally, if any of the above ways to support me are just not your cup of tea, you can always buy me a coffee.