14th February 2020

Casting valentine love hearts with laser cut moulds

This is a novel method of creating pewter casting moulds using my K40 laser cutter.

A set of 5 slices is made, each with a set of four registration holes that will hold an M5 bolt.

The outer two slices are for strength only, the middle slice defines the shape of the overall casting.

The slices either side of the middle contain and engraving that I rastered into to give me a circle one one side and a heart shape on the other. I used an in-joke that my wife and I share for the message, but this could easily be replaced by something else.

Then the pieces were sandwiched together and a opening at the top enlarged with a countersinking drill.


I used my low-cost solder pot to liquefy an amount of pewter and slowly poured that into the mould. Next, making sure I didn’t let the metal cool and contract too much, I removed it from the wooden form to reveal the pewter love heart.

That’ll do, so until next time.

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