Optical Laser Engraver Mod

My Supercarver laser has an opening of 100mm, which stops me engraving onto anything larger than that.

In this project I’m investigating what I can do to re-direct the laser to allow me to use materials of ANY SIZE


Interlocking Jigsaw Piece Coasters

It’s that most wonderful time of the year and sitting here in the Tinkerspace I realised that I might just have an idea that would help you create a last minute gift.

Using some simple steps you can make these Geometric Jigsaw Piece Coasters.


Building a Patreon Supporter Display

It’s humbling to be able to say that I have the backing of supporters through

With this video I wanted show how to make a display that scrolls the names of those who are kind enough to support the work that I do here.


Custom brands without a branding iron

In a previous project, I showed how to create highly detailed and custom ink stamps using a laser engraver. If you want to check that out here’s the link.

In the comments, I was asked if it’s possible to use these stamps in place of a branding iron. I was sure it was possible but I had to try it out, so I wasn’t giving a bad steer to you the view.


Cheap Pewter Casting

I’ve wanted to try Pewter Casting for a while and now I’ve found a way to do it quickly and cheaply. All based on the fact that Pewter melts at a similar temperature to Solder.

In this video I show you how to a solder pot can be used as a pewter pot..