17th June 2015


The first “big” project that I’ve built is now finished, so here it is.

The Phoenix. A DLP SLA 3d Printer

This is my DLP SLA 3d Printer, which I’m naming The Phoenix

It’s named for the mythical bird that obtains new life from the ashes of it’s previous incarnation. I think this fits really well as I’m putting an old, unwanted DLP Projector to good use again.

That explains the DLP part of the Printer, the SLA bit is short for Stereolithography*. It’s a term that was coined in the 70s and is a process where a light of a certain pattern is shone onto a photosensitive chemical. This causes the chemical to set into the desired pattern.

*I don’t understand how it’s short for that either!?

By building up layer upon layer of this desired patterns, a 3-dimensional shape can be created. The end effect is much like those 3d sculpture jigsaw puzzles that were popular a few years back.

I don’t have a build diary for this project, as I worked on it (off and on) for about a year. partly to spread the cost of parts & partly down to lack of confidence.

I’m making some other pages which I hope will explain the design and where it differs from the original idea that Matstermind posted in this excellent Instructable.

I’ll try and share the things I’m learning as I use it too.