Landing Gear Deployed

Good Afternoon Everyone. Sorry I’ve been away so long.

Late last year I discovered that I’d missed the KickStarter for Elite Dangerous. Not by a couple of months but by nearly two years. #Gutted.

I only realised this because my wife pointed out that there was a sale on the purchase price for the STEAM edition of the game. Something I quickly bought and got set-up on my computer. It was like being a teenager again, only with all the vector graphics filled in with glorious textures.

At Christmas our family upgraded the game to the XBox One version and since then I’ve been teaching my son how to navigate the galaxy, evade pirates and make a living trading wares in blackness of space.

For Valentine’s, my fabulous wife bought me (and immediately consumed by my son) a pass for XBox Live, which explains that I’ve taken the last few months out to get myself own commander up to the level of trader, with a worth of 1Million credits.

It’s been fun, I’ve been posting short updates on Facebook to show progress and where I’ve lost ships to pirates. I’ve lost lots of ships.  Mainly from being in the dodgy part of space.

I’ve tried mining, made some money. didn’t like it. Collected a couple of bounties by defending my ships. I’ve also crossed the territories from one side to the other. Alliance, Federation, Empire and Independent space. I have to say the graphics are stunning.

I’m now in a Lakon Type-6 Transporter and I’m happy. I have a load-out that will get me where I want to go in the short term.

Special thanks to sites like and Roguey where I’ve been able to find valuable trading routes and system details. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.


Time to put it all to one side now and get back on with things.
Now, where was I?