Rude Geeks in the Tube of You.

I watched Rude Tube last night on Channel 4, which I sometimes do before hitting the sack.

Originally I couldn’t see the point in a TV show that was made from a selection of clips from YouTube. Seriously, you can just hit “what’s popular” and find them for yourself.

I suppose someone must have thought it was a good idea and after watching a few, I can see why. It’s the themes and the concept of a chart that makes the programme work. You find yourself watching clips that you wouldn’t normally watch.

No-one is forcing me to watch and I can turn off whenever I feel like it but it’s car wreck TV at it’s finest. I find myself glued to the TV to see what is number one.

Last night’s collection was a theme after my own heart. Geeks.. Tech geeks featured prominently and we got to witness some of the crazy tech stuff that people post on YouTube.

It’s available on catch-up right now.

Alex Zane presents a countdown of the funniest, rudest and most bizarre video clips to have taken the internet by storm.

Don’t try and copy the ‘Swallow Mentos then drink Coke’ video.

Source: Rude Tube – Gods of Geek – All 4