Writing pages

I’ve been adding more pages to the Phoenix section of the blog. You can now see the ideas for the Frame and mounting the Projector to it.  Hoping that, when all those pages are done, I can get back to posting more tinkerneering. 


“… I’ve finally invented* something that works.” E.L.Brown. *built not invented. After a long time in procrastination hell, I’ve finally finished my 3d printer. Based on this brilliant “Chimera” Instructable from Matstermind, my printer is taking an old and unwanted DLP projector and allowing it to be reborn as the heart of my Phoenix 3d Read more about IT WORKS !!!![…]

Three in one!

Every once in a while you stumble across a project that catches your interest because I incorporates something you love. Sometimes, you catch one that combines two such things. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the trinity. 3D Printing Raspberry Pi Astronomy I’m nerding out on this one….. Watch the folks at MAKE: talk Read more about Three in one![…]