18th May 2016

Full Height Print

With the power sorted out, I re-ran the TARDIS print for the 1h30m it takes to send 300 layers to the printer.

When the print finished, I ejected the build tray.


I left it a moment for the resin to run off and this was left.


Unscrewing the wing nuts that hold the build tray in, I’m able to remove the whole thing in one piece with the printed object still attached. A gentle twist and the print comes off the metal platform.

Kitchen towel to dry off most of the resin and then I wipe it down with a screen wipe, they contain ethyl alcohol and help the wash the remaining goop away.


What was left was my first full sized print.

I’m very happy with the process, the way it build and the way it prints.

In future, less procrastinating on projects and more tinkering.

I want to engineer a a bigger build volume and I have some ideas for that.

I’ll share that when I have it ready.