Raspberry Pi on a diet

If you’ve been looking at my last page post on Raspberry Pi, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about running “Headless” boards. That’s board without a monitor attached.

They’re a great way to get a low power, always on/always ready digital resource for your home.

The daunting thing for many people, is setting the thing up in the first place. Headless usually means typing in long complicated and often cryptic commands, unless you’ve set up the board in the meantime while it did have a head.

If you’re not as comfortable on the command line as Mr. Robot, what you need is a simple way to pick what you need without adding bloat to your set-up.

I’ve been told this week about DietPi, a project that will do just that.

With this, you can quickly pick what services you want to add to your home network and have confidence that it will just work.

The software comes as a memory card image, so giving it a try is easy. Just write it to an extra micro sdcard, pop that into the board and give it a go.

Source: Fourdee/DietPi · GitHub