Tinkering with a logo

I’ve seen pictures for many years, containing artwork that can still be seen when viewed upside down.

I found out that these images are called Ambigrams, when I first read Dan Brown’s first book Angels & Demons. These are repeatedly used as a plot device in the book and ever since then I’ve wanted to try to create one of my own.

This video shows how I went about doing just that.


Simple Canvas Tapestry

I have a love of geometric design, which you’re probably familiar with from my early videos.

Trying to find a way to showcase some geometric art in a way that could hung on the wall, I created this.


Laser Engraver Upgrades

I picked up a cheap laser engraver last year from one of those online auction sites.

It’s a great little device, so long as you know its limitations before you hit the buy it now button.

This video shows how I went about upgrading the machine to give me results that I could repeat time and time again.


Modelling & printing a custom camera mount

The waterproof case for my 4k Action Camera doesn’t let me get at the ports and memory card (obviously) and there’s no screw thread in the camera to mount it without it. This meant I needed an accessory to do the job.