Human Era Digital Decimal Clock

It’s been some time since I posted a project video.
In this project, I’ve been thinking about time and how it is represented.

Drawing inspiration from the the team at Placed Atoms and artists at Kurzgesagt I’ve created my own digital display.

Not only does it include the date with a Human Era Year but I also shows the time in decimal format too.


K40 Air Assist Upgrade

Most of the people I’ve seen online that talk about the K40 Laser, say that an Air Assist line is an essential upgrade to improve the quality of the cuts and engraving.

I couldn’t find a design online that I was 100% happy with, so it was time to Tinkerneer my own creation.


Upgrading to a K40 Laser Engraver

Last summer, I cashed in a savings bond and treated myself to a new bit of kit. A K40 Laser Engraver. In this project I’ll show you the machine and the steps needed to get it up and running as quickly as possible.